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Provide a Broadband connection, Network design and installation with a CCTV system


Gurteen College is an agricultural college in County Tipperary, Ireland. Founded as Gurteen Agricultural College by the Methodist Church in Ireland in 1947 it provides training courses in agriculture and equine studies for farms and rural enterprises. It is a charity registered in Ireland.


● Provide a stable Broadband Connection
● Client required a Network for the college with Multiple buildings which cover a vast area
● Wireless coverage throughout the college buildings with seperate Networks for
● CCTV system which covers different areas of the college
● Restricted access for Students based on Student ID’s
● Remote and Onsite monitoring
● Secure Remote Access


● Wireless Links Connecting the College to our Private Broadband Network
● Fibre Termination between the College and the Farm (See fig 1.1 & 1.2)
● Set up new Servers
● Virtual Machine for Remote Management
● Liaise with third party’s to supply Internet access
● Wireless AP’s for full WiFi Coverage
● Mini POPs for housing equipment throughout the college
● Monitoring System (The Dude) with outage alerts (See fig1.3)
● Custom built NVR for Camera Management with a VM (Virtual Machine) controller
● Secure VPN’s for remote access