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Provide a CCTV system across all Yards


Salvage Services are one of the largest Vehicle Salvage Specialist companies in Ireland. They provide nationwide salvage management services, which includes salvage recovery, storage, assessment, vehicle dismantling and end-of-life disposal.


  • Provide a stable Network Connection across all the yards
  • CCTV system which covers different areas of the premises
  • Restricted access for Staff
  • Remote and Onsite monitoring
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Motion detect
  • Alarm sensors/triggers


  • Wireless Links Connecting the all yards
  • Set up new network for the NVR
  • Selected equipment with motion/line/alarm features
  • Liaise with third party’s to supply Internet access
  • Mini POPs for housing Network and CCTV equipment throughout the Premises
  • Monitoring System (The Dude) with outage alerts
  • NVR for Camera Management with a VM (Virtual Machine) controller
  • Secure VPN’s for remote access