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Security Systems that are designed to keep you, your people and your premises safe. When buying a security system from ARRA we are with you from start to finish, from the initial phone call until the system is fully completed and operational.

Security Data Protection Document

Security Systems Terms and Conditions

PSA Licence Number: 06705

3 Step Site Security Assessment

Step 1: The Building Content Outline

  • Where does the value lie, where is the risk?


Step 2: The Physical Building Structure

  • What is in situ?
  • The Security Gap Analysis
  • The Site inspection


Step 3: The Physical obstacles

  • Internal & External mapping of the area
  • The square footage space assessment
  • Environmental factors


Post Assessment

Provision of qualified and experienced recommendations that will help to provide the client and their business or home with what they need to be safe, secure and protected.

Off Site, we design an ARRA security system that best suits the client’s needs and if the client chose’s ARRA as their service provider, we will then go through the system design we propose, so that it is understood and designed in the right way.

We can have all sites at a distance covered for clients. With an ARRA designed system Point to Point links can be incorporated into the design to provide long distance surveillance for periphery, parking areas, construction sites where the cable laying is a big problem.

Every ARRA security system designed for a client is furnished with a completion certificate for the client’s records.

If you would like further details on the CCTV and Alarm Services we offer. Please call us on 061-514513 or email us on and we can set up a meeting to discuss further.

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